The Top Toughest Corners I've Ever Had to Face

The Top Toughest Corners I've Ever Had to Face
by A.J. Green

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A.J. Green discusses  the top 5 corners he has ever faced in the NFL. He details his narrative with examples of  what makes each of the 5 unique, competitive and excellent in his eyes.  He also, begins with a story about himself, before he was cool, or an NFL player.

Rings of Culture Represented

Ethnic: various
Age: youth
Gender: various
National: USA
Socio-Economic: Various

Why It's VABBulous

  • The first person narrative is accessible and engaging for all students, but in particular to athletes, sports lovers, and reluctant/struggling readers, who are often the students that need VABBing most in content area/academic instruction.

  • The content is relevant and can be used in a variety of classes/content areas, including, P.E., Science, and English.

CLR Instructional Ideas -

Try some of the ideas from CCRTL's VABB Perspectives September Skillset Section

Set It Off (Into Text)

  • Think-Pair-Share

    • Take a Moment of Silence and think of an answer for the prompt below.

      • Think of and share a time when you tried or did something that you thought was really cool, but it was....NOT. (If you can't think of a time for yourself, think of a time a friend, or relative tried/did something they thought was cool)

      • After 30-60 seconds of "think time" turn and share your response with someone next to you/across from you.

    • You have the option of using Pick A Stick(equity sticks) or another non-volunteer response protocol to hear answers.

The Get Down (Through the Text)

  • Read Aloud - Jump In Reading

  • Give One-Get One + Somebody Who

    • Possible Prompts connected to the text -

      • 3-5 skills you need to be a great corner

        • 3 things based on text - one question, one thing interesting, one connection

        • 3 words/terms you want to understand

        • 3 words to describe A.J. Green

        • Your 'top 5' anything - singers, movies, athletes, books etc