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No Smiling Pilgrim and Indian Books for Thanksgiving Please

How do you create a positive learning environment and responsive lessons for Thanksgiving?  Are your displays filled with books and images of smiling Pilgrims and happy Indians playing, and sharing a meal? Are the class discussions centered around mainstream Thanksgiving traditions? If the answer to these questions is yes, it is time to revisit your Thanksgiving mindset, book choices, lesson plans and room environment.  

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Ghost has had some troubles in life, and he is running from them. First, he had to run from an abusive father that chased him and his mother down the street with a loaded gun. After that, Ghost caused his own problems, mostly at his middle school,  trying to escape the memories of his past. When he stumbles upon the Elite track he finds a way to put his running ability to good use. Ghost just doesn’t know if he is quick enough to leave his past behind him to try for a new start. With the help of a track coach, who knows as much about adversity as he does about running, Ghost might have a chance.

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The Hate U Give

16 year old Starr Carter is doing her best to live between two worlds.  She reveals only parts of herself in the poor urban neighborhood where she lives, and the suburban, very white prep school she attends. Her struggle to be true to “both” Starr’s,  is  destroyed when she witnesses the murder of her unarmed, childhood friend, Kahlil, by the police.  Besides being traumatized, by the incident and the loss, Starr is then thrust into the realities and struggles of her poor community, as well as  the expectations and bias of friends, family and society.

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