Odd One Out

by Nic Stone

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Courtney “Coop” Cooper and Jupiter “Jupe” Charity-Sanchez have lived next door to one another and been best friends since they were little. They have an unbreakable bond, that for Coop has evolved into feelings deeper than friendship. Jupe however only has eyes for girls. The arrival of new girl Rae Chin, has both Coop and Jupe crushing. The trio becomes friends, and all three begin to try to navigate feelings, answer questions about those feelings and discover who they are and how they will love. This story has three sides, and Jupe, Coop and Rae each share theirs as they get honest with themselves and each other.

Genre - realistic fiction
Lexile Level  - N/A
Themes -
friendship, love, self-discovery, questioning gender roles/expectations, sexual identity

Rings of Culture represented -

Orientation: LGBTQ
Age: 14+

Why it’s Culturally Authentic (aka VABBulous)-  

  • Nic Stone writes wonderfully authentic teen voices.

  • Delves into the feelings, questions, angst and experiences of adolescents navigating friendships, love and their own sexuality.

  • Explores the challenges, and realities of societies labels, in particular as it relates to sexual orientation.

  • Challenges stereotypes of black males, young women, gender roles, and the lgbtq community.

  • Explores the nuances of youth, ethnic, gender and age culture

  • Validates and affirms authentic language.

Ideas for CLR -

Set It Off - Into the Text

Voting With Your Feet + Turn and Talk + Somebody Who

  1. Have students stand up.

  2. Read a prompt and indicate which side of the room represents which answer, i.e. yes or no, true or false etc.

  3. After students have moved to their chosen side of the room, have them turn and talk to someone they are standing next to and discuss their choice.

  4. Use Somebody Who(Somebody who has on green, someone with a birthday in summer etc.) to have a few students share out their thoughts, and opinions with the whole class.

    Possible prompts

    • Girls and guys can’t just be “friends” - Agree-Disagree

    • Everyone questions their sexuality at some point in their lives - Agree-Disagree

    • Dating a friend will mess up the friendship. Agree-Disagree

    • It is possible for someone who identifies as gay/lesbian to fall in love with someone of the opposite sex. Agree-Disagree

    • It is perfectly normal to feel unsure about one’s sexuality. Agree- Disagree

What culturally responsive lesson ideas do YOU have for Odd One Out?

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Lydia McClanahan