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What is CLR?

Cultural & Linguistic Responsiveness

CLR stands for cultural and linguistic responsiveness (Hollie, 2017), and it builds on the theory of Culturally Relevant Teaching and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy put forth by Ladson-Billings (1994) and Gay (2000). To be culturally and linguistically responsive means going to where the students are culturally and linguistically first, then leading them where they need to be academically and socially for success.  

The frame of CLR is based on four words: 

  1. validate

  2. affirm

  3. build

  4. bridge or VABB for short

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What is VABB?

VABBing requires legitimatizing the cultural and linguistic behaviors that have been delegitimatized by historic institutional hegemony and providing a counter narrative to the negative, stereotyped portrayal in corporate media. Culturally responsive educators "VABB" by how they talk to, relate to, and teach students differently. Part of VABBing includes providing students texts that are authentically reflective of who they are culturally and linguistically. Dr. Hollie says that VABBing is the "soul" of CLR, and in order to prepare marginalized students for academic and life success, there must be a willingness by educators to understand who they are, and how to best VABB them, and facilitate their learning.  To find out more about CLR and VABBing, click here.