The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond by Brenda Woods

Violet Diamond, or ‘V’ as her family calls her has a pretty good life in Moon Lake, Washington. She’s got a mom who loves her a lot, loving attentive grandparents, a beautiful, fun big sister Daisy(even if she is spending more and more time with her boyfriend) and 2 great besties Taz and Athena. Yes, Violet’s got it pretty good, but she can’t help wishing, one, to know the dad she never met, and two,  that some people wouldn’t be so stupid with their stares and questions, when she is with her family. You see, Violet’s mom, sister, Gam and Poppy are white with long, straight hair, and Violet is brown with corkscrew ringlets. She is a biracial girl, living in an all white Washington suburb feeling odd and incomplete.